Laser Focused

A laser focus on sustainability is essential for the future generations to come. Sustainability is at the core of Detmar Logistics operations, guiding each decision we make in every facet of our business. We own the responsibility to operate conscientiously, and we also enjoy it.

Environment – Climate efforts are important and steps should be taken today. This is why Detmar Logistics has the ambitious goal of being one of the first fully electrified fleets in the lower 48. We have begun our transition to Hybrid powered diesel tractors as well as our initial shift over to CNG hybrid  powered tractors through our partnership with Hyliion. Our next steps will be our shift over into electrification with the amibitious goal of having a fully electrified fleet by 2026.

Social – We have a strong commitment not only making our workplace safe, but also the communities around us and beyond. Safety is number one at Detmar Logistics. Our number one goal is to ensure that everyone returns home the same way they left. We also strive in developing, and have developed a diverse workplace which allows us to collaborate from all different perspectives to be able to accel for our employees and customers.

Governance – When looking at ESG. The “E” and the “S” will not fall into place without proper Governance. It is highly important keep a good ethical management system in place to incorporate the processes and principles that are essential for every day business. Great leadership is crucial to ensuring great business practices.