Leaders in Proppant Logistics & Delivery

Safety and Compliance is our #1 priority at Detmar Logistics. We adopt and pursue the highest safety standards, from onboarding to ongoing training programs.

We don't focus on our competitors, we focus on our customers. Our fleet is available non-stop, day in and day out. At Detmar Logistics, we aim to exceed our customers' expectations, 24/7/365.

Our fleet network provides you with flexibility and accelerated frac sand delivery and last mile solutions. Our drivers are enabled by AI and are able to astronomically reduce NPT & Truck Detention.


We give you more than a peace of mind.

Logistics & Delivery

Detmar Logistics is an expert at identifying inefficiencies in frac sand logistics & delivery. We separate ourselves from our competition by having a more unified approach, harmonically integrating with producers' and operators' existing supply chain protocols. We deliver your products while carrying your trust.

Last Mile Solutions

Our Technology Enabled Fleets allow our customers to be more profitably transport frac sand from Point A to B. With strategically located terminals and constantly updated and upgraded fleets - all enabled by predictive AI, we are able to reduce operational bottlenecks and deliver MORE.

Numbers speak for themselves.

Road Miles Covered

With nearly 100 trucks and multiple strategic terminal locations, you can count on our drivers experience and punctionality.

Dedicated Resources

Our MGMT and owner-operators are more than employees. They are dedicated resources with a common goal...a job well-done.


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