Hyliion Partnership

Electrified Fleets of the Future

In April 2021, Detmar Logistics announced a partnership with Hyliion, a leading developer in electrified powertrain solutions. Working closely with Hyliion, Detmar Logistics has the ambitious goal of electrifying the entirety of our fleet by 2026.

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Company Growth

Moving Forward

Detmar Logistics is consistently looking at ways to improve.

  • Whether it be internally or for our companies, we are always looking to challenge the stats quo to be head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Using new innovative ways to resound the safety is our number one focus
  • Currently using the newest and the best tractors on the market with the best fuel mileage and safety for our applications.
  • Also using AI capable technologies to increase efficiencies for us and our customers and reduce truck traffic resulting in safer roads.